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Drink instant coffee every day, but do you know what instant coffee is?

Because of its convenient portability and simple brewing, instant coffee is becoming more and more popular. Although many people like to drink instant coffee, do you all know what instant coffee is?

So what is 3 in 1 instant coffee? Instant coffee is a kind of coffee that is easily soluble in water and can be brewed for a short time. The reason why instant coffee can quickly dissolve in water is that during the processing of instant coffee, the manufacturer extracts and retains the soluble substances in the coffee beans to remove insoluble components and impurities.

In Vietnam, when it comes to instant coffee, most coffee drinkers think of three-in-one instant coffee, including instant coffee, sugar and milk. Therefore, in transactions, some instant coffee suppliers sometimes use other terms, such as pure instant coffee or 1-in-1 instant coffee, to clarify and avoid confusion.

Step 2: Roast the coffee beans. The coffee is roasted to different degrees according to different needs.

Step 3: Grinding. The roasted coffee will be ground so that it is easy to dissolve.

Step 4: Reference. Water is added to the coffee powder to extract the solute in the coffee.

Step 5: Filter. The coffee solution is filtered several times to remove coffee grounds and undissolved matter.

Step 6: Solid. The filtered liquid will remove some of the water, making it more concentrated.

Step 7: Drying. The espresso will be dried to dry the liquid and remove the water to a very low level (humidity between 1%-2%). There are three different shapes of instant coffee drying methods, including spray drying, granular drying and freeze drying.

Step 8: Pack the product, usually 10 kg or 25 kg carton.

How many kinds of instant coffee are there?

Nowadays, commercial instant coffee usually has two classifications: one is classified according to coffee ingredients, and the other is classified according to drying method.

According to the composition of coffee, there are (1) 100% Robusta instant coffee; (2) 100% Arabica instant coffee; (3) Arabica and Robusta mixed coffee in different proportions.

According to the classification of drying methods, there are (1) the traditional method of spray drying, the finished coffee will be powdered; (2) dry (granular), the finished coffee will have granular; (3) jacquard (freeze-dried), the coffee will be at low temperature After drying (frozen), the finished coffee has a granular shape (breaking ice).

How is instant coffee used?

Making an instant coffee is very popular because it saves time and is convenient. The sales of instant coffee are currently growing rapidly, especially in emerging countries.

As a blend of instant coffee (2 in 1; 3 in 1; or 4 in 1, etc.). Speaking of 3 in 1, we all know that it is made of instant coffee, sugar and whey cream.

As the basis for other foods and beverages. From coffee-flavored candies to coffee-flavored cakes to canned, bottled and instant coffee are used.

baishi are 3 in 1 instant coffee manufacturers with our head office and factory situated in china. And has had 8 years of experience in the trade. We are interested in developing genuine business with overseas customers

We are mix coffee powder company with our head office and factory situated in china. And has had 8 years of experience in the trade. We are interested in developing genuine business with overseas customer

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